Greetings to all from the anonymous musician that is… 

“I consider myself be a unique musician that is simply eager to share her strange music artistry, the recent release of my visual album “If Only Things Were Black and White” marks the end and very start to a new journey in my development as an artist and individual, also what could possibly be a new era of music for the north-east.” – S

STVTIC is very heavily influenced by bands such as PVRIS, CHVRCHES, The1975 to female artists such as Birdy, Florence and The Machine and of course Little Boots.


If Only Things Were Black and White contains five songs, all with edgy visual videos to coincide with the songs written in the album. From the very first song you start the journey that the vocalist went through of falling out of love, and as a fellow human expressing emotions we all know pain can come in different forms.

It was through the words and the feelings written in each song in this album that STVTIC discovered her sound and passion thus the whole album from start to end being a journey of feeling various things from toxic relations to having hope and optimism and the cycle of it all.